Home Renovations and Property Refurbishments in Camberley | Considerations Before Renovating or Refurbishing

Based near Woking, the trusted builders at Ron Smale Homes Ltd offer specialist services on property refurbishments, property extensions and renovations in Camberley and the surrounding Surrey area. With 400 years of combined experience working in construction, we carry out all services on domestic and commercial properties, as well as for landowners that need new home builders.

Our team is expertly equipped to help you from the very beginning to the final fixings of property refurbishments, or home renovations, including providing information on processes or procedures and figuring out if they are right for you.


Old buildings often use large amounts of energy, which can impact the conditions of those living or working there. Refurbishments are a great way to reduce the energy consumption of a building and are typically considered more sustainable than a complete demolishment. Property refurbishments also allow you to keep the charm and architectural design elements that only exist with older builds.

We help improve your energy efficiency by using durable materials. This will minimise any extra work needed in the future and saves you energy. We can improve or increase the insulation of buildings in Camberley and the surrounding Surrey areas.

Our team of builders also supply and install new heating systems, boilers and electricals. This includes energy-efficient lighting options such as LED or T5 lights as opposed to the standard T12 ones. These changes can minimise energy output. Rooflights, glazed windows and glass doors are all excellent ways of maximising natural daylight, which is not only good for your wellbeing, but also saves the usage of internal electrics during the daytime.

When undertaking home renovations or property extensions, we are just as vigilant over energy efficiency and can even provide the job with tradesmen who have experience in today’s most innovative smart control systems. Our new home builders will typically work to the specification of an architect but can factor in energy-efficient installations which are smart in design and compliant with current UK Building Regulations.

Alterations and Equipping 

Property refurbishments will not completely change your building, but they will have a revitalising effect on it. By not undergoing a major rework, as you would with a home renovation, there will be minimal disruption to your life which will only last for a short period of time. Our team also endeavours to keep any space we are working on as safe and tidy as possible. Small-scale construction projects such as these also mean that you won’t have to move out of your home.

Typically, you can carry on living and working as usual with minimal inconvenience.

We locally source all materials needed for property refurbishments, home renovations and property extensions in Camberley, as well as for all other services. We also offer all trades in-house and are well established in the local area as new home builders, which makes us the ideal choice to undertake full builds as well as refurbishments.

The transformational work our builders will complete can make an older home feel like a new space that still has all the things you love about it. Because you will be rejuvenating your property instead of demolishing or parting ways with it, you can stay in the place you have set down roots and are part of the community, and you can remain near your friends or family in the area.

Alternatively, if you are using property refurbishments to prepare your building for selling, they are cost-effective solutions that will add value to it relatively quickly (depending on the scale of the refurbishment). You can choose to add a property extension to your build if you feel extra space will make the most of it. The same goes for commercial properties that need our professional skills.

Large-scale alterations from our general and new home builders can be achieved with our home renovations. We work on single units and multi-storey developments, as well as offering the installation of kitchens and bathrooms to any building. We can also fit kitchen cabinetry and bathroom suites into our stylish property extensions.

Whether you want to sell your property, breathe new life into it, make it fit for purpose or create a better work environment, Ron Smale Homes Ltd is the property refurbishment expert for you.

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