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Building an extension onto your property has numerous benefits, including adding value and staying in a home where you have strong emotional attachments without the strain and cost of moving. If you’re a business looking to expand or a homeowner wanting to stay put, property extensions are the best solution. We are located near Woking and deliver our services in Camberley, Guildford and Surrey.

Whilst an extension can seem like a daunting commitment, Ron Smale Homes Ltd will ease your concerns with our builders’ seamless, expert and professional workmanship.


Property Extension Types

Our builders are with you, from foundations to finishes and everything in between, on all six extension styles we offer.

  • Single-Storey

  • Double-Storey

  • Side-Return

  • Rear-Facing

  • Wraparound

  • Over-Structure

Single-storey property extensions are a simple and effective way of adding valuable space to your building without breaking the bank. Your downstairs space can be transformed into an office, utility room, open plan kitchen and more. By adding rooflights or glass doors, you can also maximise natural light in your Woking, Camberley, Guildford or Surrey property.

Double-storey extensions are the best way for homeowners to stay in the place they love, even when they are looking to upsize. For business owners, they are a great way to create more office or floorspace. An advantage to this style is that by extending two floors instead of one, you achieve double the space without doubling the cost. Because all groundworks will already be undertaken for the first floor, that cost will not be repeated for your second storey.

Side-return property extensions are an excellent way to make the most of a path or alleyway down the side of your build. Although this type of extension may be fairly narrow, it will extend the length of your property. This adds space to the entire side of your building, having a transformational effect on the attached room. This extension is also unlikely to require planning permission from local authority and council departments in Woking, Camberley, Guildford or the surrounding Surrey area.

Rear-facing extensions will be built at the back of your home. This typically open-plan style expands your downstairs by extending into your garden or patio area. This unifies your indoor and outdoor space, breathing fresh air and light into your property.

Our builders recommend wraparound property extensions for those looking to dramatically increase their downstairs living or workspace. As a combination of side-return and rear-facing extensions, they merge to create an L-shape at the back of your building. This style is perfect for properties with short gardens and allows for plenty of design options.

Please feel free to visit our gallery to see examples of our expertly built property extensions and more.


Ron Smale Homes Ltd helps you with the entire process of building your extension. This begins with design work and planning permission. We help with planning advice, obtaining consents from your local authority department and advising you on boundary disputes. Our builders are there from the beginning, managing and designing to the bespoke specification that you require for your new extension.

We provide full internal and external construction services for properties in Woking, Camberley, Guildford and all surrounding Surrey areas, starting with the groundworks. This includes bulk excavation, laying foundations, basement construction, if applicable, and laying pipes and drainage. We also pour concrete, lay brickwork and cover any hard landscaping needs the job requires when construction ends.

We also deliver equivalent services for new builds.

During the brickwork stage, we protect your building from rising damp with a damp proof course (DPC) installed as a layer into your floors and walls. The DPC also prevents moisture build-up and safeguards your property against peeling wallpaper, tidemarks and mould.

Our builders fit supportive lintels into the brickwork, windows and doors as required. Our team also installs the necessary insulation into all property extensions. The experienced tradespeople on our team will build and finish the roof down to tiling it if it is a pitched structure, or laying felt, EPDM rubber or GRP fibreglass if it is a flat structure.

All external rendering will be expertly completed, as will the internal fittings. Our team covers everything from electrical work, plumbing and heating, to joinery, plastering and painting. We also work closely with the acclaimed Koubou Interiors to deliver dream property extensions to our valued customers and clients.

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